Joe the Lion went to the bar. A couple of drinks on the house …

Literally drinking a bar dry of wine is great fun at the time, but not the next morning. 

And what’s really not fun is waking up the next morning realising that you booked a Muay Thai session for 10am and there’s no coffee in your holiday bungalow. 

I didn’t bother trying to waken Donna, as she’d stayed up having a bit of a party the night before; plenty of loud shouty swearing and the stamping of feet that I initially thought was caused by an intruder. When I ran round to check, I found that she was exterminating creatures with Avon Skin So Soft, which is an oily body moisturiser that creates a slippery film when sprayed near the floor. And she wonders why there are so many people with bandaged ankles here.

I somehow found takeaway coffee and the energy to endure an hour of being kicked in the shin every 2 minutes for not paying attention, and then set off back via the 7-11 and a flip flop shop.

Whilst changing into some new flip flops I saw Donna wandering past.

“the trainer told me you were going to the 7-11 as I was passing”, she said. Bear in mind that the trainer had never laid eyes on Donna and you’ll appreciate just how quiet the town is for them to spot the newcomers and put them together.  We popped into an interesting looking place that had a sign for handmade silver jewellery to find that there was no jewellery for sale due to illness.  The cafe bar inside looked nice though, with a little live music set up in the corner.  I got quite excited as Donna wanted to see some live music so asked the proprietor whether there was a band on later and was about to sit down and order a drink. 

It wasn’t a bar cafe though; we were just about to make ourselves at home in someone’s house.  Or I was anyway.  Donna was just enjoying watching the episode unfold as she had realised we’d stumbled into a home.

Thankfully, there are still some actual cafés, bars, and restaurants in the town that are open,  although their numbers are dwindling as the low season settles in.  That night we managed to drink another one of them dry of the one bottle of wine that they had in stock.

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