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Donna Day Seven and Eight

Joanne has been telling me how much I will love Koh Lanta – a little island just off the west of Thailand – but I have to admit, when we arrived here I was a little disappointed. It’s low season, many of the shops and restaurants are closed; the streets are dusty and basic, there are derelict, wind—torn buildings everywhere. And there are creatures here: lizards, geckos, ants, spiders, monkeys and chickens.

But as soon as I’d unpacked my stuff in a lovely bungalow, all to myself, and settled into the laid-back vibe of Rasta Baby beach bar, I understood the magic of Koh Lanta. The people here are kind and gentle, the sea and surrounding lush greenery are beautiful and whole feeling of the island is dreamy and slow. You can’t rush about in Koh Lanta – it’s too hot and, well, why would you want to?

After Rasta Baby, we were walking home when we got waved into another beach bar – Rasta Chill ( there’s a theme here!) by a beautiful smiling blonde lady. The bar was enchanting and Natalie(the blonde lady) and her friend were so lovely and friendly ( I think they might possibly have indulged in something a little mood-enhancing); they told us about their Thai boyfriends and how safe and relaxed they felt on the island. As my hair now resembles a giant suger-stealer, Ellie gave me hair tips and suggested washing my hair less and investing in some Thai hair conditioner (it’s a green tub with an orange stripe across it) which is as good as Olaplex. Joanne bought some later and I concur, it is marvellous.

We bought a roti on the way home from Happy restaurant (theme!) and sat on Joanne’s porch talking about life, the universe and everything and drinking some warm red wine.  It was another wonderful Thailand day x

Our second day in Koh Lanta was a floaty kind of day. Jo did her Muay Thai boxing in the morning and I mooched about exploring Klong Nin. This is not advisable in 32 degree temperatures when you’re a fair skinned ginger like myself. By the time I caught up with Joanne, I was little more than walking puddle of sweat. I could barely see because a mixture of sun cream and sweat was pouring into my eyes and I could taste last night’s red wine in the sweat pouring into my mouth. I was recycling last night’s alcohol. I was re-wining 🤣 Joanne was sitting outside a shop trying on flip flops because her Clarks shoes had given her a blister. We both decided to go back to the bungalows and try and have a siesta. It was too bloomin hot to do anything else.

The evening was wonderful. We had an accidental tea at the French Bakery (I don’t think it’s French and it’s certainly not a bakery). We ordered snacks but the snacks were so huge and delicious that we were both instantly full up. We sat in the beach bar, writing our blogs and watching the sun set over the ocean. It was one of those moments (and I’ve had plenty of these moments during this holiday) where you just can’t believe how lucky you are). Joanne was right. There is something magical about this island. That magic is in the air, the salt spray of the sea, the lanterns bobbing about in the breeze blowing through the beach bars. It’s in  the recycled flotsam and jetsam hanging around the bars. It’s in the way people smile and wave at you from their shops and cars as if you’re a long lost friend. Its everywhere. And I’m so very lucky to be part of it  There are defintely worse ways to spend a Saturday evening xx

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