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Hard Rock Cafe is a swizz …

There is a beautiful seafront bistro on Patong Beach Road called ‘Hern’. Me and Jo were in a ‘go slow’ mood today so we escaped the heat and entered this beautiful, cool establishment. I ordered a Watermelon Rose Tea which was utterly delicious. We sat and chatted and people-watched which is sometimes all you can be bothered doing when you’re on your hols and we’ve been pretty much non-stop since we landed in Thailand. We liked the cool, luxurious surroundings so much that we ordered two more drinks and lunch. ‘It’s probably going to cost a fortune,’ we mumbled to one another but Joanne’s favourite saying is, ‘Dunt matter, we’re on holiday’. So we stayed and ordered exactly what we wanted.

As it turned out, it wasn’t too bad. Three glasses of wine, two bottles of water, two speciality teas, a coffee and two lunches came to just over £50 – which was totally reasonable. Especially when you compare it to the overcooked crud we had at Hard Rock Cafe a couple of days later, which cost us the same price for two average meals and two drinks. And it was too bloody noisy!

At night we had a splendid evening watching Muay Thai boxing at Bangla Stadium. A first for me. I dont really like boxing, the violence of it upsets me but I liked the ritual and discipline of watching the fighters of this sport. In fact, I got quite into it, shouting for the English boxer to win, which he did. Of course. X

I can understand why Joanne loves the sport so much. I may even give it a go myself.

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