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Donna Day Nine

Whenever I imagined what going to Thailand would be like, I had two versions: one version would be a rustic , rainy place with blistering air, unnameable insects, dodgy water, strange meat dishes and a distinct lack of toilets. In short, in my most panicky moments, this was the image of Thailand that frightened me and made me want to back out of our holiday before it had even begun. And guess what? Thailand is hot! And rainy, and I’ve been bitten by various creepy crawlies, but there are toilets in every cafe, you just drink bottled water and there’s a plethora of delicious non-meaty food. I needn’t have worried. In fact, in many ways Thailand beats the UK in terms of easiness and organisation.

The second image of Thailand I had in my head was of beautiful houses and restaurants, covered in exotic blooms, stretching out over the sea on stilts. This was the Thailand I saw today in Lanta Old Town. It was just gorgeous. Stunning. And everything I ever dreamed of. If I had succumbed to my fears and abandoned the idea of coming to Thailand, I would never have drank lemongrass tea, eaten the most delicious fish cakes in a restaurant on  the sea, over looking the rolling waves and blue skies.

The lesson of the day? Don’t let your fears stop you from following your dreams.

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