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Curioser and curioser 

I seem to be writing a lot about how I’m feeling but haven’t said an awful lot about Bangkok. Let me share with you some of my first impressions. Today is Day Four really but we’re writing in retrospect. We’re sitting in a little back alley in a restaurant called Popiang. I’m drinking water and Joanne is being authentic and having a red wine. She’s sitting beside me tapping away on her phone, writing her blog and I’m writing my bit. There’s a fan blowing directly on us and and ‘Country Road’ is playing in the background and I’m happy.

Yesterday was Day Three and, after playing in the pool (literally, like two daft kids) and after I’d had my third Pad Thai meal, we headed into central Bangkok in a tuk tuk. What fabulous experience! Driving full speed through the lit up streets of Bangkok, the wind and heat blowing in our faces, both of us laughing like crazy. Just fabulous!

Bangkok is a chaotic, sprawling city with hundreds of stalls of street food and lots of noise and smells. Joanne found her favourite Italian restaurant ´Silviós and we ate two massive bowls of Pasta and a 12 inch pizza. The food was lovely, but that wasn’t the point really. For me, the point was sitting down a side street filled with food stalls, watching beautiful people going about their ordinary business. I felt part of it. I felt part of Bangkok life and I blooming loved it!

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