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Donna Day Two

Gratitude is a word used often these days but today, sitting by the roof top pool of our hotel, sipping ice-cold water and basking under a beautiful blue Bangkok sky, I am so truly grateful I could cry. You see, I always dreamed of travelling the world. When I was a little girl, living up Fern Gore, I’d sit on my bed imagining what kind of lady I would end up being. Most girls dream of being famous pop stars, princesses, heroes or witches, but all I ever really wanted to do was explore the world and write books. And be a teacher. Like Miss Hoyle – my teacher from Green Haworth School who used to take me to church and give me 50p every now again because I think she felt sorry for this scruffy girl with bucked teeth and a massive forehead.

I became a teacher, eventually, and, whilst I haven’t written a best seller, I have had my stories published. But I never did become the intrepid explorer I wanted to be. Jo and I were talking (God… we haven’t stopped!) about how you know what your inner desires are because you feel jealous when you hear of people doing exactly what you wanted to do. I get really jealous when people talk about getting their books published and I feel a profound sense of sorrow and loss when I hear people talk about going to India or China or Africa. I wanted to do that, a small child-like voice whispers in my ear. But I never had the money, or the time or the nerve. Sometimes the very thing that terrifies us is the one thing we should be doing.

So when Joanne suggested that we go to Thailand, I immediately said yes. I’m 55 and I’m only going to get older and poorer. Sod the expense, I’m going.

And here I am. Me. Donna from the Gore! And I am going to suck up every single crazy, overwhelming, joyous moment of it. Thank you, Joanne, it’s not an exaggeration to say, you have made my dreams true.

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