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    Donna Day Three:

    Curioser and curioser  I seem to be writing a lot about how I’m feeling but haven’t said an awful lot about Bangkok. Let me share with you some of my first impressions. Today is Day Four really but we’re writing in retrospect. We’re sitting in a little back alley in a restaurant called Popiang. I’m drinking water and Joanne is being authentic and having a red wine. She’s sitting beside me tapping away on her phone, writing her blog and I’m writing my bit. There’s a fan blowing directly on us and and ‘Country Road’ is playing in the background and I’m happy. Yesterday was Day Three and, after playing…

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    Donna Day Two

    Gratitude is a word used often these days but today, sitting by the roof top pool of our hotel, sipping ice-cold water and basking under a beautiful blue Bangkok sky, I am so truly grateful I could cry. You see, I always dreamed of travelling the world. When I was a little girl, living up Fern Gore, I’d sit on my bed imagining what kind of lady I would end up being. Most girls dream of being famous pop stars, princesses, heroes or witches, but all I ever really wanted to do was explore the world and write books. And be a teacher. Like Miss Hoyle – my teacher from…

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    Donna Day One

    Doha It`s about 1.45 am and I’m sitting in Doha airport drinking iced tea. I’m on my way to Bangkok with my lost and found friend, Joanne. I thought I’d feel nervous and scared but I feel strangely calm. Jo’s having a shower (because we’ve booked into a posh lounge in Doha whilst we wait for our connection to Bangkok). I am surrounded by dozing, baggy-eyed people and bored-looking travellers. I’m not bored. For me, this is the most exciting this I’ve ever done in my life! A young pretty woman at Manchester Airport commented that she didn’t think I was very well-travelled because this was my first trip to…